Make Your Lemonade Stand Stand Out This Summer with International Delight® Iced Coffee

Here’s an Easy Guide to Add Fun & Flair to Your Summer Lemonade & Iced Coffee Stand

It’s summer! For kids, that means lazy days and outdoor fun. For parents, summertime can mean a challenge to keep kids learning, having fun – and away from the TV.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with creative designer and mother-of-two, Kim Stoegbauer from The TomKat Studio, to create an easy solution – a fun and refreshing take on lemonade stands that includes tips and a simple kit that will help your kids’ lemonade stand stand out above the rest. From a banner and signs to labels and even cupcake toppers, all the templates are easy to print on your home computer, cut out and assemble.

One way to up the ante with your kids’ lemonade stand? You got it – add International Delight Iced Coffee to the menu!* With yummy lemonade for the kids and sweet and creamy Iced Coffee for mom and dad, your summer stand will have a little something for everyone.

Now it’s your turn!

  1. Review this Tips & Instructions sheet to get started
  2. Click here for an easy-to-use kit with printables to create your own lemonade stand
  3. Purchase your stand essentials, including lemonade, I.D. Iced Coffee, cups and containers
  4. Get started on making your own lemonade stand
  5. Take a photo of your family’s stand-out lemonade stand and post it on your social channels, like Instagram or Twitter, with the tag @indelight #IcedCoffeeLove. Our favorites might get a shout-out on our pages!** Check out our Pinterest page for more photos.

    Connect with Us and Share Your Stand on Your Favorite Social Networks

* Of course, the iced coffee is just for the adults, and not for the kids, so make sure nobody sneaks a sip!

** We have complete rights to all content that is shared with us via social channels through direct submissions or relevant tags.

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